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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a sponsor under settings?

You must first add the sponsor as a friend. Once you have done this, when you click on the SPONSOR area in settings you will see a list of your friends. Scroll to your sponsor then click SAVE.  Now if you click the Sponsor icon in the lower bar or pick a trigger when updating your visual journal, the iPhone will automatically prompt you to call your sponsor.

How do I add my home group under settings?

You must first add that meeting to the meetings section of the app. Once it is present under meetings, go to SETTINGS, click Home Group, then choose the meeting that is your home group meeting and click save.

How do I protect my privacy?

It is recommended that you use the password feature on your iPhone to protect your anonymity and the anonymity of others.  The default option for sharing meetings is with “no one.” You can choose to share only with those who know your email, anyone in a 1-mile radius, or with anyone using the iPromises app.

What meetings should I import? I don’t know if I should trust people?

This is important. You should only import meetings from people you trust so we made it so you can search for meetings by email or username.  This way you can narrow down the list to trusted people.  If you meet someone in a meeting and they have shared their meetings, just ask them their username to find their shared meetings. You can always import any meetings shared, but it is recommended that you confirm the location if you do not personally know the person sharing the meeting.

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