Initial responses to the beta versions of iPromises Recovery App:

“I would highly recommend that anyone in recovery try an app like iPromises. It helps you formalize your recovery and recognize that it is a daily process.”
– Dr. Shari Corbitt

What a great way to stay true to one day at a time
– Elizabeth C

“I would have loved to have this app in early recovery. Alas, there were no iPhones in 1986, but if there were, the iPromises app would have been a godsend.”
– Vee

“Yet another tool for recovery. It’s just another way to avoid isolation and stay connected.”
– Patricia M

“Gotta have it! I can’t think of a better way to share meetings with my sponsees and give them a quick way to contact me if they are in crisis.”

“I found the visual journal really eye-opening. When that angry bar on the graph kept growing, I knew I needed to figure out why.”


Yet another tool for recovery. It's just another way to avoid isolation and stay connected.

-Patricia M