iPromises is a free app for anyone in recovery from addiction.  We wanted to make the application based on the spirit of peer-supported recovery by allowing app users to add friends, recommend meetings to those friends, contact their sponsor quickly and easily, and keep a visual journal of your feelings, successes, and challenges.  We have a unique element in the iPromises app – Triggers.  When you first set up the app, you pick those triggers that you know (or a sponsor or therapist has alerted you to) could put you at risk of relapse.  If, even months later, you pick one of those feelings or behaviors for your visual journal, the app will automatically alert you that you have selected one of your known triggers.  A pop-up immediately alerts you and offers to call your sponsor – hit OK and it will dial them.

You build your own meeting database in the iPromises app.  We noticed that a lot of other recovery apps had one major issue: people would rely on it to find a meeting when they traveled, but the app said no meetings were near them.  This would happen even in major cities.  By having users build their own meeting databases, they can then share them with friends.  Let’s say a New Yorker shows up at a Los Angeles meeting. He has the iPromises app and wants to know about other meetings.  You can agree to share your meetings with him right then and there! You have full control over your level of privacy. The default setting is not to share your meetings. You can then opt to share them with just people who know your email address, those who are near you (within 1 mile radius), or with anyone using the app. Because we recommend you only show up at meetings shared by someone you know and trust, we have an extensive list of interoffice phone numbers so you can call a central office for a meeting.

The Travel section will be a great asset if you are on the road and need that first meeting location. The app has a database of the phone numbers of the AA central offices throughout the United States and Canada.  We will also be adding in International offices over time. If you are sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta, open the Travel section to find an interoffice phone number. If you don’t know the area well, just click “Near Me” and it will locate all the offices in the general vicinity. (Note: For this feature to work, you must allow the phone to use your current location when it prompts you upon logging in.)

Promises Treatment Centers has a long tradition of giving back to the community.  The Promises Foundation offers help to low-income women and families.  Miriam’s House is a 15-bedroom recovery house where these women can go through a four-phase, 1-year program and stay with their children.  Parenting classes are an important part of this recovery process.

Now Promises offers a free iPhone app because we believe recovery only begins with treatment. True recovery happens in the community where you are supported by peers with the same aspirations and challenges.  We look forward to your feedback so that we can continue to develop and improve the iPromises application.


I found the visual journal really eye-opening. When that angry bar on the graph kept growing, I knew I needed to figure out why.